Daily Menú

Our restaurant offers a daily menu from Tuesday to Friday, always varying according to the availability of seasonal ingredients. The menu includes four options for starters to choose from, along with four options for main courses, and an equally delicious dessert, all for a cost of only 25 euros. The dishes presented in the daily menu are authentic culinary delights that can be found separately on our main menu. Our expert chefs work with the freshest and highest quality ingredients to provide a culinary experience you won’t forget. With a wide variety of options, our daily menu is perfect for those looking to try a bit of everything. Come and enjoy a wonderful meal at our restaurant!

Menú for groups

We offer two group menus for a minimum of 8 people, with the only difference being the price and the gastronomic offer.
The idea behind both menus is the same: share starters and allow guests to choose their individual main course. Both menus include wine and drinks, and in the first menu, dessert is pre-selected, while in the second, guests can choose from the dessert menu. Our goal is to provide an affordable and enjoyable dining experience for groups, with a variety of options to satisfy different tastes and preferences.


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